Invest in Nature

 NatureReach is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


 As you make plans to welcome the New Year, please consider investing in nature with NatureReach.

About a year and a half ago, you helped launch the BIRDREACH project at Hurst Plaza Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. Twice a week a volunteer filled a feeder for the residents to enjoy their winged visitors. Jean, a new resident, had moved to the nursing home because she no longer trusted herself to live independently. She left behind her home, her dog, and her independence. Always a bird lover, she continued that passion as she worked on her paint-by-number bird art by the window in her room. She also requested that a feeder be placed outside her window. Thanks to you, we were able to add the feeder she requested.

At Hurst Plaza, Jean has inspired fellow residents to join her in bi-monthly nature-related activities provided by NatureReach volunteers.

Today, we also have feeders and volunteers at Woodridge Nursing Home. And we’d like to expand this program to other nursing homes.

Make a gift and add equal parts hope and gratitude for a brighter and shinier year in 2017.

A special thanks to InMotion Imagery for our wonderful video. Click HERE to view. 

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The Gaither Family Scout Fund was established to provide badge workshops to Scout troops that lack the resources to pay for nature badge programs.


Feed the birds and feed the human spirit!

NatureReach is working with Marshall Grain Co. to create the BirdReachProject. The purpose of BirdReach is to bring bird feeding stations to nursing homes and other eligible facilities. Our goal is to provide feeders, birdbaths and birdseed to these facilities and train volunteers, residents and staff to assist in keeping the feeders clean and stocked with seed.

Click HERE for more information about Marshall Grain Co.


Be a Program Hero for the Fort Worth After School programs,  EarthRovers for Homeschoolers, pre-school and school programs  for supplies such as field microscopes; good quality binoculars for children; skin, skulls and herbarium materials; bug boxes; magnifying glasses; water-testing kits.

If you have something you think we can recycle, repurpose, or reuse, contact us!

Call: 817-939-1110 or 817-262-1309